Use of Lozeau Lodge Montana Wedding Event Venue  

31 Westfall Road, Lozeau, MT 59872 (406) 822-4561

( includes the following:


-Includes use of cabin(s) for ( __ ) hours,
-Includes one tent camping allowed per cabin.
-Includes use of the Wedding Venue lawns and grounds (12 acres).
-Includes use of Wedding Pavilion area for covered ceremony, and/or covered reception with Bar, sink, refrigerator and outlets for equipment.
-Includes Propane Outdoor Heaters for cool days or evenings.
-Includes lighting and Ceiling Fans for hot days.
-Includes parking area.
-Includes use of metal folding chairs and six foot rectangle tables.
-Includes three Restrooms and hand washing station.
-Includes Garbage cans and bags. We will assist with taking garbage to dump for a small fee, or you can haul your own garbage out.

Agreed by: _____________________

Date: __________________________
The basic cost of the wedding package is $___, which includes state tax. This amount may be paid in full or an initial non- refundable deposit in the amount of $____ to reserve the Lozeau Lodge wedding venue, and a second non-refundable payment of $____ to be paid within four months, or 120 days of the date, and the final non-refundable payment of $____ to be made within 60 days prior to the wedding weekend. You may pay with cash, check or credit card.

Once paid, all deposits and final payments are non-refundable with the exception of the cleaning deposit.
We allow most activities and decorations, setting up, and so forth, as long as it is not illegal, nor in violation of one of the following restrictions that must be adhered to:
Pets: A limited number of pets may be allowed with prior permission only. Registered service animals are allowed as required by Federal law. Cabins are pet free, so no pets inside cabins.

Fire: Absolutely No fire, open flames or smoking is permitted unless in designated smoking area. This includes the use of candles, tiki torches, bon fires, sparklers, or any portable devices that could be considered a fire hazard. Any questions about this, contact us at Lozeau Lodge to discuss your ideas which may involve flames or fire causing possibilities. There are two designated fire circles available for use by guests.

Strictly prohibited on or near the Lozeau Lodge property.

Overnight Guests: The Wedding Package for 2017 includes the overnight use of the cabin(s) on the property for rented hours, and up to one tent camping allowed per cabin. Attendees and guests need to be respectful of the property and facilities, as well as the rules while using the property. This includes trash pickup, no fires (except in designated fire circles), no fireworks or smoking, and no playing loud music past midnight.

Decorations: All decorations brought or provided for the event should be removed before the expiration of the time period booked. None of the electrical system, or the lighting of the Lozeau Lodge may be altered, modified or removed.

Facility Structures Usage: No structures, buildings, Wedding Pavilion, may be moved, altered, or damaged. When attaching or hanging decorations, do not do so in such a way to cause damage or marring of any Lozeau Lodge property. For instance, do not use staples, or screws, or nails, or tacks that may leave holes, nor tapes that leave residue. Do Not Climb on the Bar surface for any purpose.
Lozeau Lodge Wedding Package
Lozeau Lodge is not responsible for Acts of God or other entities which may interfere with the planned activities of the event, such as rain, snow, noise, horns, sirens, forest fires, smoke, wind, cold temperatures, or other unavoidable interferences and inconveniences.

If you require additional tables, chairs, tents, canopies, decorations, or other items for your event, they may be rented or delivered and set up at the Lozeau Lodge property in advance; however, we cannot be responsible for the overnight security of the rented items, so it would be desirable to have those delivered on the morning of the event itself. In addition, all rented items should be picked up and removed from the property before the expiration of the booked period.

You will need to purchase insurance event coverage through an insurance agent of your choice, or contact us for another option. That coverage will need to cover claims involving accidents, alcohol and for food, and/or injuries that might happen during the time of your wedding at the venue. You will need to provide a us with a certificate of insurance for two million dollars of liability insurance, with Lozeau Lodge, LLC listed as an insured, and an addendum containing a Waiver of Subrogation.
Lozeau Lodge Montana Cabins & Event Venue
A cleaning deposit of $300.00 is required for your event, and a credit card authorization form is required on check-in day to be used to cover the repair of any damages to the venue or facilities or equipment, or if there should be an excessive cleanup required.

The Lozeau Lodge will limit capacity as required at any one event, if the one tent per cabin option is used, the tenting shall be in the area near the cabins only.

Out of respect for our neighbors, and guests, your event will be required to quiet down by midnight, when all band instruments, DJ music, loud music, or loud speech or shouting will not be allowed past midnight and the lights should go off in the pavilion and guests should move to the cabins or camp tents.

You may hire a professional caterer if food is to be served at your wedding. There are several local caterers who may be contacted. If you plan to cater your own event, you may rent the facilities available at the Lozeau Lodge; however, additional ice chests should be brought in to keep foods cold if required. If you engage a professional caterer, they will need to submit a copy of their business license, proof of workers compensation insurance, and a certificate of liability insurance to Lozeau Lodge in advance of performing work on the property.

You may bring your own alcohol on the premises for serving to guests that are 21 years and older, but if there is any type of charge for the alcohol, such as a cash bar, or tickets for drinks, or entry fees, or any other type of charge, then a licensed establishment must be hired to serve the alcoholic beverages. If you engage a professional or licensed establishment, they will be required to provide a copy of their license, proof of workers compensation insurance, and a certificate of liability insurance to Lozeau Lodge in advance of performing work on the property.
EVENT PACKAGE: Lozeau Lodge Montana  (406) 822-4561